• July 6, 2020

  • Social Distancing Vs Branding
  1. We all know that social distancing is one of the best remedy to stay safe & protected from covid-19 pandemic but the question is “why branding should be affected from social distancing ? “.
  2. As we mentioned above social distancing is good for you but not for your brand.
  3. We are in the digital world where everything and anything is possible.
  4. Let us all take a step ahead with the moving world and let us not put a full stop to the branding.
  • How to build your brand during social distancing ?
  1. Social media is the main plat form to build the brand targeting any age group.
  2. Every single individual are active in social media during this lock down to know more and more about the world.
  3. Go digital while going through this pandemic.
  4. Going online is the only way to carry forward the economy.
  • Tops to build your brand through online ?
  1. Increase visibility of your business to build your brand by posting creatives in social platforms in the prime timings.
  2. There is one thing to keep in mind “Nobody reads ADS, people read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an AD.”
  3. So whatever we do, it has to be creative to the extent. Making awareness videos in creative ways with the brand interests the viewers.
  4. Using current scenario is important while building the brand.
  • What we do as marketers ?
  1. We understand that businesses are going to struggle for a while due to this lock down.
  2. Not only people are losing money, but they are also losing traffic and conversations we as marketers need to think long-term and keep building our client’s brands, as well as honoring their values.
  3. We make your business visible in order to survive in the market place, especially in these tough and uncertain times.
  4. This involves creating quality content, working with influences, engaging customers and optimizing your content for the mobile environment.
  5. If you think you need help with your business adapting to this crazy times, we’re just an email away at shlokhentertainments@gmail.com.

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  1. sasi krishna
    August 8, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    nice post

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